Look what has become of multiculturalism

It is a fatal error for liberal supporters of multiculturalism to assume that other people are the same as they are, writes Christopher Goff.

If you lived in the mud of Bangladesh or the dirt of Afghanistan, or the ruins of Syria, and someone offered you the chance of going to live in a wealthy city created by Europeans, like Christchurch, in New Zealand, well then you would most probably bite that person's hand off. Who wouldn't? It is human nature for people to want to better their lives by taking advantage of things like free healthcare and education, or to try and find employment opportunities which might otherwise be non-existent in their tinpot places of origin.

In the seismic shift of millions of people from poor countries to the rich ones created by Europeans and which has so prominently marked the last seven or eight decades of human history, only a small number have used the opportunity for the purpose of trying to harm us. And likewise, only a small number of the progeny of those individuals who have settled in countries mostly populated by Europeans have also tried to harm us. But as we have found out, it only takes a small number with the right skills and a high enough level of motivation to cause murder and mayhem, after which millions of pounds, Euros, dollars or whatever currency have to be spent year-on-year as part of an ever growing counter-jihad effort.

As we are finding out, each new act of jihad brings with it the possibility of Europeans taking reprisal activity against Muslims as part of what they might view as a 'wider' counter-jihad process. I have not been inclined to look at the 'manifesto' of the Australian man named as being responsible for the shooting dead of scores of Muslims at two mosques in New Zealand, but I am told the killing by a jihadist of an 11 year-old Swedish girl called Ebba Åkerlund in the 2017 Stockholm truck attack had a not insignificant part to play in driving him to do what he did. His actions were, I think, those of a desperate man more than anything else, but they are nevertheless actions to be condemned without equivocation.

Clearly, men driven to desperation like Brenton Tarrant and before him Darren Osborne, the man who carried out the 2017 Finsbury Park van attack, can be very dangerous. These people are the manifestation, or the personification if you will, of an incredibly strong sense of hopelessness that is increasingly being felt by lots of Europeans at where the process of multiculturalism has got us. I believe Darren Osborne cited as the main reason for his attack being the grooming gang scandals in the north of England, tied into which was the abject failure of the police to get to grips with this offending when the crimes were being committed. Personally, I think there are a few police officers, or perhaps now former police officers, who belong in the same prison that Darren Osborne is sat in. Just as I also believe that the 43-year minimum prison tariff given to Osborne for killing just one man was somewhat excessive.

And this brings me to my point: blame for the crimes of people like Darren Osborne and Brenton Tarrant should not rest solely with those individuals who commit them. The supporters of multiculturalism have an awful lot to answer for, while in the case of Darren Osborne, and as I have already indicated, so do the police for not doing more to protect vulnerable white women and girls in cities like Rotherham from the predations of Muslim grooming gangs. Or put differently, the crimes of people like Darren Osborne and Brenton Tarrant are little more than reactions to the ones committed by Muslims against Europeans, or classic revenge crimes. And Muslims are undoubtedly the main protagonists.

Did the people who come up with the idea of multiculturalism think it through carefully enough? I sure as hell think not. They did not bargain for people like Rakhmat Akilov, the Uzbek Muslim and self-professed member of Islamic State who killed 11 year-old Ebba Åkerlund, as well as four others that is, or indeed people like Darren Osborne and Brenton Tarrant. The fatal error of the supporters of multiculturalism is that they are people who are not capable of seeing the bad in others and who are unable to grasp the reality that other people are not the same as they are. Liberals unfailing see other people in their own image. Liberals believe other people to be just as they are, kindly, reasonable, caring, respectful and compassionate. But this is a dreadfully bad failing on the part of the liberal supporters of multiculturalism for it is something which compromises their ability to spot the people who pose a danger to both us and our way of life.

The limp-brained bleeding hearts of this world. The do-gooders with an unshakeable belief in humanity. And the ones who subscribe to the view that 'we are all the same' have got it badly wrong. Muslims – and especially the devout ones – subscribe to a different worldview to that of yours or mine. Their outlook on life is different to that of you or I and other non-believers. Islam is their guiding light. And Muslims believe in the infallible law of their God.

What other religion besides Islam has followers that are willing to kill members of their own family, including sometimes even their own flesh and blood, to protect the 'honour' of their religion? What other religion is as riven as Islam is with that which we in the West have taken to calling 'honour-based' violence? What other religion has followers who when they blow themselves up as part of some kind of jihadist attack against non-believers, or kafir, believe that they will enter into a paradise where they will have at their disposal 72 virgins? What other religion has followers who are driven to mutilate the genitalia of young girls? What other religion involves the systematic abuse and enslavement of women? What other religion decries homosexuality as abhorrent and homosexuals as sinners? And what other religion involves the barbaric practice of the religious slaughter of animals? Answer: Judaism, at least on the last point that is.

Surely, in the light of the aforementioned one would think that liberals would be the people at the very forefront of opposition to the growing Islamisation of Britain and other countries populated by Europeans, but this is not the case. In fact, it is actually liberals who are at the forefront of the effort to help spread the religion of Islam driven as they are by their false notion that 'we are all the same', that 'Islam is a force for good' and that 'Islam is a religion of peace'. This cock-eyed way of thinking of liberals is, I think, not just down to their ignorance and lack of understanding of Islam, but of human nature as well.

The liberal supporters of multiculturalism have blood on their hands, and lots of it. People have for decades now been warning of the incompatibility of Islam with important Western values like freedom of thought and rights for women and homosexuals, but these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Many now predict a future filled with conflict between Muslims and non-believers, the opening shots of which have already been fired in cities like Christchurch, London, Paris, Nice, Boston, Stockholm, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, as well as a host of other places besides, including most recently Utrecht, in The Netherlands.

In a move which has had the effect of demonstrating her ignorance to pretty much the whole world, the oddly named, horse-toothed Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has spoken of the need for 'a global fight against racism'. Only in my analysis – and just to repeat, I haven't read his 'manifesto' – Brenton Tarrant is quite possibly no more a 'racist' than he is any kind of 'white supremacist'. And this because his crimes were broadly targeted against followers of Islam, something which surely even the most dim-witted of people are able to recognize as being a religion and not a race. The religion of Islam does in fact transcend race, in as much as you can get Oriental, Asian, Sub-Saharan African, North African and Arab believers in Islam, just as you can also now get quite a few European believers in Islam. Had those two mosques have been filled with mostly European Muslims, Brenton Tarrant still might well have shot them up.

In Jacinda Ardern, the Southern Hemisphere has, I think, found its biggest – and at the same time most ignorant – cheerleader for multiculturalism. And might I go so far as suggesting that she at some point tries to overcome her ignorance of Islam by visiting a country like Saudi Arabia and where in the name of that religion they behead people in the streets for the committing of 'crimes' including adultery and witchcraft. I kid you not.

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Uploaded: 23 March, 2019.