Muslims vs. homosexuals

In the conflict between Muslims and homosexuals playing out at some of Birmingham's primary schools, homosexuals must win, writes Christopher Goff.

In the poorly informed and ignorant minds of leftists, the far-right 'hate homosexuals' and 'hate the idea of homosexuality'. Well, and like a myriad of other assumptions that goat-brained leftists make about the far-right, they are wrong.

With age I have come to pity those people born as homosexuals – because I generally believe they are born the way they are – around the world but who cannot live true to themselves. And none more so than those homosexuals born in countries governed by strict forms of Islam, amongst them Brunei and which has recently introduced laws permitting the stoning to death of anyone found to have engaged in same-sex intercourse. It is a move which forms part of a wider programme of introducing Sharia law across the Sultanate, with the end aim of bringing the country into line with a number of other countries governed by strict forms of Islamic law, including Saudi Arabia and where under a regime of ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam fines, flogging, torture, life imprisonment and also the death penalty are used to punish the 'crimes' of homosexuals. I believe the way that members of the Islamic State group dealt with homosexuals was by throwing them off high buildings.

While I have never much liked any homosexual that I have ever known, I nevertheless accept their way of life, even if somewhat begrudgingly. And I think this same attitude applies to lots of people on the far-right, and with whom I claim to identify. Only while I think it is right for people to be accepting of homosexuals and homosexuality, I do not want anyone telling me that I have to like someone because of what they are as opposed to who they are. Just as I don't want anyone telling me that the sexual practices of homosexuals are normal when they are clearly not. I draw the line at the point at which acceptance of homosexuality becomes promotion. While things like 'gay-cake' stunts that force homosexuality down people's throats just pisses me off.

Kids need to learn about the realities of life in countries like Britain. In addition, young people who might be coming to terms with their sexuality need to know that there is nothing wrong with them if they find themselves being attracted to people of the same sex. In a way, the state owes to children its help in coming to terms with their sexuality, because otherwise the path into adulthood can be a badly screwed-up and deeply unhappy one for some young people, especially the ones whose parents are not very accepting of Western values, of which there are an awful lot of in Britain today. I think no homosexual asked, or beforehand chose to be born the way they are.

The controversy surrounding the teaching of LGBT awareness lessons in primary schools in Birmingham is interesting in that it pits one victim group, Muslims, against another, homosexuals. Scenarios like this represent the throwing of a proverbial spanner into the works of the multicultural project since under the regime of multiculturalism we were all supposed to get along so well. In the Cultural Marxist victimhood hierarchy one group will usually outrank another, for example transgenders outrank women in the sport debate, but the system will nevertheless extend a measure of sympathy if you are a member of a recognized victim group. Hence the concession given to Muslim parents of suspending the teaching of LGBT lessons at a number of Birmingham schools.

Unlike Europeans, Muslims are not ones for compromising on their social conservatism. Birmingham, which is likely to become Britain's first [ethnic] minority-majority city, has under the weight of immigration become an economic basket case and cultural backwater. Muslims live behind closed doors, save for trips to the mosque by male family members. The religion of Islam now dominates the lives of a great many of Birmingham's inhabitants, as do minarets dominate the city's skyline. And it is against this background and with the passing of each day that the religion of Islam is exerting itself more and more on the life of the city.

Part of me wants some arm of the state to come along and assert itself and remind Muslims living in Birmingham that the city is still part of the United Kingdom, like what it has managed to do to some or other extent in respect of the issue of female genital mutilation. Or like what the French did with their ban on the wearing of the burqa in their avowedly secular country. The No Outsiders programme in Birmingham schools is, however, non-statutory, meaning that decisions on its teaching are left to the discretion of headteachers.

As sure as I am sat here writing this Muslims will get their way and LGBT lessons in the city of Birmingham will be quietly dropped. Not only that, but I am equally as sure that there are lots of people in Birmingham and indeed in Britain's other main urban centres who, and in the style of Sharia, would be sympathetic to the idea of throwing homosexuals off high buildings or having them stoned to death in public spaces. And on what do I base this claim of mine? Well, some insight into the dutiful subconscious of Muslims gained through living amongst them – I have lived in the Newham (East London) council ward which for a long time returned the lowest White British population of any council ward in the whole of the UK – as well as survey after survey showing approval amongst Muslims living in Britain for Sharia. Britain, and just like a host of other heavily multiculturalized countries in Western Europe, is on a very slippery slope indeed.

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Uploaded: 2 April, 2019.