Ryanair incident: another stick with which to beat Europeans

The story of a Windrush woman being racially abused on a Ryanair flight by a white man could not have fitted the mainstream media's anti-white agenda more perfectly, writes Christopher Goff.

It was the main story on the news. Then it became one of the main stories on the news for several days after the event. And as I write this, the story of an elderly African woman and member of what has become known as the Windrush Generation being racially abused by an elderly European man on a plane as it filled with passengers at Barcelona's main airport still features in numerous news bulletins and websites.

Another passenger on the Ryanair-operated flight in question, David Lawrence, managed to film the spat between the two pensioners as it filled up with UK-bound travellers. His video recording, which has since gone viral, shows an elderly European man in an unpleasant verbal exchange with an elderly African woman, during which the man made one or two references to the woman's race. The man had complained to the woman that she was blocking both the aisle and a row of seats because of the awkward way in which she was seated, with her legs positioned in the isle, however it later materialized that she was in fact sitting in this fashion on account of her arthritis. Of course, while her abuser knew nothing of the reason why the woman was sat like she was there was no excuse for him acting in such an unpleasant kind of way. Flight attendants later claimed that they had not seen or heard the incident, this being entirely plausible since the confrontation appeared to happen in the middle of the aircraft.

Despite all the important things going on in the world, like the ongoing Brexit negotiations, the dreadful murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the march of thousands of migrants from Central America to the border between Mexico and the U.S., the story of a Windrush woman, later named by the media as Delsie Gayle, being racially abused on a UK-bound flight dominated the news headlines in a way that only the very biggest and most important news stories usually do. In the process, media organizations laid bare their anti-white bias in parody-like fashion – some news organizations even seized on the Ryanair incident as an opportunity to remind us of the story of American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, although I doubt anyone needs reminding of the Rosa Parks story since it has been so well etched into popular folklore by liberals.

Both the much-maligned Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and his Labour counterpart Karl Turner were quick off the mark in speaking of their outrage at the Ryanair incident, while others made calls for the police to act. But quite what people were expecting the police to do in relation to this matter I am not sure since the incident happened inside a Dublin-registered plane parked up on Spanish soil. No extradition arrangements exist for such minor incidents, and not only that but legal 'experts' seem unable to agree on whether any offence was even committed under Spanish or any other law. It would seem that Spain has not been gripped by quite the same level of anti-racist fervour as that which has gripped the United Kingdom over the past few years.

An operation mounted by Essex Police – the flight in question was heading to Stansted – aimed at putting a name to the face of that most heinous type of criminal, a racist, has by all accounts been successful – the guy's name, and even his exact place of residence in Birmingham, has since appeared in the media – and the force is now said to be liasing with Spanish police on how they can best proceed. And one is indeed highly inclined to think that the liberal-Establishment will get this man on some kind of charge and somehow, even if they have to bend some or other rule to do it. In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Crown Prosecution Service's top lawyers are on the job right now. If fall else fails, it might even be possible for the CPS to find some obscure aviation law under which to prosecute him, like a law under which no-one has ever before been prosecuted but which carries an unusually severe penalty.

This story has for me brought up memories of the media-staged witch-hunt of Chelsea fan Richard Barklie, from Northern Ireland, and whose role in a 'racist' incident on the Paris metro in 2015 was filmed by a member of the public. Former police officer Barklie was filmed singing "John Terry is a racist and that's the way we like it" and waving away an African man called Souleymane Sylla as he tried to board a crowded underground train in the French capital. Unable to extradite Mr Barklie over such a trivial matter, the liberal-Establishment managed instead to drag him through a court in this country. During an appearance of his at Stratford Magistrates' Court in London on 22 July 2015, Mr Barklie was given a five-year football banning order, something more normally given to people convicted of 'mid-range' football hooligan offences. One way or another, the liberal-Establishment was going to get its pound of flesh.

Members of the Windrush Generation have become the liberal-Establishment's latest ideological stick with which to beat Europeans. Their honour must be protected at all times and at any cost. So much so that real or alleged injustices against members of the Windrush Generation have become almost akin to committing crimes against humanity such is the level of anti-white bias found amongst Cultural Marxists and who view such injustices not in terms of right or wrong but as opportunities to invoke amongst Europeans feelings of white guilt. We have been made to feel as if the Windrush Generation were the founding fathers of our nation and to whom we owe an incalculable debt of gratitude – they are the ones, so we are told, who built up the NHS from nothingness and who revived London's transport system in the aftermath of the war. And if we are to believe the mainstream media, without the Africans that came from a number of British Overseas Territories located in the Caribbean in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s – of whom Ryanair passenger Delsie Gayle, originally from Jamaica, was one – Britain would still be in the Dark Ages.

The Ryanair incident comes after the emergence earlier in the year [2018] of a news story dubbed by the mainstream media at the time as the 'Windrush Scandal'. Characterized by some as one of the most shameful episodes in British history since the days of the slave trade, it was the story telling of the genuinely awful treatment of a number of mostly elderly African migrants who arrived in this country from the Caribbean sometime before 1973, but who had more recently fallen foul of the introduction by the Government of a stricter immigration regime. New rules on immigration had resulted in a number of them being wrongly detained, denied their legal rights, and even deported. In all, it is thought the Home Office wrongly deported around 63 people from the UK. However I might like to add that while the current Conservative Government was indeed responsible for introducing the stricter immigration regime, the problem was later understood to have stemmed from a decision made by the previous Labour Government to destroy the landing cards of thousands of immigrants who came to the UK in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. And as we all know, if Labour government's are good at one thing it is making calamitous policy decisions.

At around the same time that news of the Windrush Scandal broke, the BBC in particular went to great lengths to overplay the economic and cultural 'contribution' that African migrants have made to their host country in yet another one of its exercises at shaming white people – that is Europeans who obviously in their hatred and ignorance have never quite managed to appreciate what Africans have done for the UK.

In a series of TV programmes aimed at celebrating the arrival of the Windrush Generation, one of the BBC's most favourite anti-racist tropes was again pressed into service, the 'No coloureds, no West Indians' one, as were a gaggle of tired-out politicians and overpaid celebrities who clucked their indignation at the poor treatment of African migrants by their host communities in towns like Smethwick, now in the West Midlands, and where, so we are told, signs displaying the words 'No coloureds, no West Indians' were commonly seen in the windows of bedsits and boarding houses. And how bad and misguided that silly fool Enoch Powell was? Interestingly, while Enoch Powell was to become an outspoken critic of mass immigration, some venture the suggestion that he was actually one of the people to have opened the floodgates to Third World immigration when as Tory Health Minister in the post war period he decided to 'import' nurses from the Caribbean rather than spend Government money training new ones up in the UK. Sound a familiar story?

God forbid if anyone in a momentary loss of self-control might happen to say an unkind word or two about any member of the Windrush Generation ever again. Do that and they might end up having the police forces of three different countries, and Interpol, after them. And if only the police had put the same amount of effort into catching the abusers of white girls in places like Rotherham, Newcastle and Huddersfield as to what they have put into the media-led witch-hunt of an elderly white man last seen on Ryanair flight FR015, then this country might look just a little bit less like the badly mixed-up, politically correct creation of Cultural Marxists that lots of ordinary British people now see it as.

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Uploaded: 26 October, 2018.