The war against European men

From gender and ethnicity pay gaps to affirmative action; Soviet-style attempts at social engineering are never successful, writes Christopher Goff.

First the Tories came out with the idea of a gender pay gap initiative to better illustrate just how nasty and discriminatory businesses supposedly are towards women, and now they've come up with a similar scheme aimed at showing just how nasty and discriminatory businesses supposedly are towards minority ethnics. At least that is some minority ethnics, because it should be noted right from the outset that this most recent government initiative completely omits from its remit any mention of members of what is probably one of the highest, if not the highest achieving ethnic groups there is. Can't be having the Jews buck the Government's anti-white narrative by being more successful in the world of work than Europeans, can we? You will note that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest reported average IQ of any racial group.

More than 10,000 companies in the UK, that is every private business employing at least 250 workers, will have to publish both their gender and ethnicity pay gaps, an exercise which is expected to involve reporting on around 10 million workers. Theresa May said of her Government's plans: "The measures we are taking will help employers identify the actions needed to create a fairer and more diverse workforce" and also, "Our focus is now on making sure the UK's organizations, boardrooms and senior management teams are truly reflective of the workplaces they manage". In addition, the Government is expected to announce far-reaching plans aimed at making the NHS, armed forces, schools, civil service departments and police forces more representative of the communities they serve.

But the Government's aim of making public sector organizations more representative of the communities they serve seems illogical. Why should the workforce of a public sector organization be representative of the community it serves when that public service organization might recruit its employees from districts far beyond the ones it serves? If on the other hand the Government had said it wanted to encourage public sector organizations to assemble workforces more representative of the areas from which they recruit their employees, well then that being an altogether fairer proposition would have made more sense.

To further illustrate the point I am trying to make one might like to consider an organization which has often been criticized for being 'too white', the Metropolitan Police. Now, if the Metropolitan Police only recruited its employees from the London Boroughs which it serves then the 'whiteness' of the organization would be open to question given the high numbers of minority ethnics found living in most parts of metropolitan London. But the point is ... it doesn't. As anyone with at least half a brain will be able to tell you, the Metropolitan Police actually recruits its employees, including one assumes a fair few of its police officers, from across the whole of the South East of England and where Europeans are still in the majority.

By comparison, the left's first attempt at giving women and minority ethnics a leg-up in the world of work was less bad because it did at least have at its heart the aim of trying to create workforces more representative of the districts from which employers recruit their employees. But that project which originally went by the name of 'equal opportunities' has over time been transformed into what is now an all-consuming, Soviet-style exercise aimed at increasing the number of women and minority ethnics in well-remunerated positions of employment under the banner of 'diversity'.

Replacing European men in the workplace with women and minority ethnics based on nothing more than their minority status is a project which is doomed to fail. Has not anyone learned the lessons of history? Whenever in the context of employment or the economy socialists try to buck the natural order of things the end result is always the same – you get decreased efficiency, quality and productivity. So-called 'equality initiatives' end up sucking the energy and dynamism out of businesses and public sector organizations, and organizations which were once judged on how well they perform end up being judged instead on how many women or minority ethnics they might employ.

Western societies are endlessly being modified to suit women and minority ethnics in order to allow them to 'succeed' where they previously couldn't. For example, fire services, police forces and the military have all adopted less demanding physical capability tests more amenable to women. And academic institutions routinely admit minority ethnics onto courses for which they are poorly qualified as part of attempts to get the right number of blacks onto their books. Against this background the European man has become the embodiment of the enemy: he must be belittled, humiliated, emasculated by feminism and discriminated against by affirmative action until he is ashamed of what he once was.

Bogus 'equality' theories on race and gender have been made fashionable by left-wing academics driven by feelings of white guilt or their overwhelming desire to pander to feminists. Social historians have re-written history in a way that downplays the role of Europeans in the building of civilizations but which at the same time overplays their alleged exploitation of non-Europeans. Young people now come out of school lacking in reading and writing ability but which they 'compensate' for with their knowledge of the slave trade. And anyone who dares suggest that Europeans are more successful than other ethnic groups because of higher IQs or other inherited differences are denounced as 'racist' and sometimes even prosecuted under incitement to racial hatred laws, the purpose of which are not to protect minorities but to subjugate Europeans.

Cultural Marxists leave no ideological weapon unused in their war against European men. Storybooks like The Adventures of Tintin and Robinson Crusoe have been removed from library shelves on account of their disparaging depictions of non-Europeans and non-PC storylines, and children's TV shows like Blue Peter re-imagined (one of the Cultural Marxists' most favourite words) to show female presenters abseiling, rock climbing and white water rafting while their male counterparts are left in the studio to bake cakes. Anyone who writes drama for TV and wants to increase the chance of having their work made into a TV programme or series is advised to incorporate into their storylines character portrayals of empowered women in important positions of responsibility, Africans in well-respected technical roles, Asians as diligent professionals, and European men as stupid, dishonest, feckless, recalcitrant or outright criminal. If you need an example of what I mean, you might like to think of that TV detective series called Vera. Set in the North East of England, it features the most unlikely overweight, middle-aged, female police officer imaginable, but who excels at making her male colleagues look stupid and big Geordie truck drivers, steelworkers and sheep farmers look weak. Give a homosexual or disabled character a positive portrayal in whatever TV drama you write and the mandarins at the BBC will fall over themselves in their praise of your work no matter how crap it might be.

If leg-ups in the world of work are given to people lacking the necessary skills and abilities to perform well in demanding roles then the end result will be that private businesses and public sector organizations will cease to perform as well as they used to. This might not be at all concerning to the people who run businesses and public sector organizations so long as their gender and ethnicity tick-box exercises come back successful, but for anyone using the services of these companies and public sector organizations it should be very concerning indeed. The NHS is one such organization which seems to be riddled with underperforming employees who have clearly been given jobs for which they are not qualified.

I hinted at the start of this article just how successful Ashkenazi Jews are in the world of work, and also of their higher than average IQs. But to suggest that there exists a correlation between the IQ of certain races and their relative success is to venture into forbidden territory for it is the case that simple continuation of this analysis might lead one to conclude that members of racial groups with lower than average IQs are less successful.

In their 1994 book called The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, authors Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray argued that inherited factors, and especially intelligence, are more reliable predictors of life outcomes, like academic achievement, financial income, likelihood of divorce or separation and involvement in crime, than simply the socio-economic status of an individual's parents. They also argue that people with high intelligence, or what they call the "cognitive elite", are becoming more separated from those of average and below-average intelligence.

The Bell Curve was at the time considered so highly controversial because it presented an uncomfortable explanation as to why African-Americans were trailing behind members of other racial groups in the United States in terms of success, including Europeans, Native Americans and also Hispanics. Liberals had previously laid the blame for the lack of success amongst Africans living in the U.S. at the door of Europeans who they say create racist societies in which Africans are bound to fail. While the people on the other side in what became known as the 'Bell Curve debate' rejected claims of racism made against Europeans and instead said that the lack of success amongst Africans is something which can better be explained by the biological differences existing between the races, and in particular the lower average IQs of Africans. Furthermore, in a follow-up book written by researcher Richard Lynn, called The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ and Inequality Worldwide (2008), the author discovered that the racial and socio-economic differences in average IQ found in the U.S., and as originally reported in The Bell Curve, could also be found to exist in other countries.

One is left to conclude that no matter the weight of evidence supporting claims of the existence between the races of innate biological differences there will always be a group of people driven by their own political beliefs who will claim that members of underachieving racial groups are the victims of racism, just as these same people might typically claim that the underachievement of women is attributable to sexism. Some of these people even talk of working in what has become known as the 'anti-racism' and 'anti-sexism' industry such is the scale of those attempts at trying to convince people that it is European men who are to blame for the lack of success amongst women and minority ethnics.

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Uploaded: 19 October, 2018.