Gum chewers of the world unite

Smoking, boozing, drug-taking, tattoos, body art, and gum chewing even, are all calling cards of the slovenly, the weak-willed and the degenerate, writes Christopher Goff.

There are some places you expect to see people chewing gum, like around the shops or on public transport, or for that matter anywhere you might find young people, and especially the greatest culprits of all, girls and young women. But then there are the places you would not expect to see gum chewers, or at least one would hope not. During questioning by Members of the United States House of Representatives of President Trump's former lawyer Robert Mueller a while ago, I was astonished to see a middle-aged African woman sat chewing what I can only assume was gum during the middle of proceedings in the U.S. Capitol Building. I mean, there are some places you can chew gum, and then there are places you just shouldn't. It is a matter of respect, no?

If you are someone who uses public transport, you cannot avoid gum chewers. Gum chewers are all over public transport, including the ones who insist on blowing little bubbles into their gum which rupture with a loud cracking noise, over and over again, presumably as part of some kind of attempt at making their presence felt. Personally, I think anyone who insists on showing complete strangers the contents of their mouth is just plain disgusting. Talking of which, have you ever seen the Northern Irish football manager Brendan Rogers on television? By comparison, former Leicester City managers Claudio Ranieri (Italian) and Claude Puel (French) carried themselves with such dignity.

Have you also noticed how people just can't sit still these days? You see people on public transport, or in cafés or restaurants and other public spaces, endlessly fiddling with their hair, bouncing their knees up and down in a restless leg kind of way, or biting their nails. I think there's now a generation of young people whose parents have clearly never taught them what is surely one of the most basic of life lessons that every child should learn, and that is how to sit still. The teachers of today must be driven to despair when faced with classrooms full of nail biters and fidgets.

Apart from the ones who can't sit still, there are the ones who prefer to be doing something. Like looking at their mobile phones or listening to something or other through the headphones connected to whatever device they've got. And it's not just young people I am referring to because I just can't seem to get away from the sweet-sucking members of the older generation – you know, the ones who think that the earth will stop rotating on its axis if they stop sucking on their boiled sweet. Given the presence of a gentle draught that you sometimes get on public transport, I have even found it possible to determine exactly the type of sweet that is being sucked on, assuming the draught is in just the right direction, and according that is to the sickly odour being given off. Oh 'it's a pink pear drop', I sometimes think on my morning commute through the heart of Essex.

And Jesus Christ, have you seen some of the tattooed and pierced weirdos that are loose in our towns and cities? Whatever possesses these people? What peculiar processes of thought are going on in the goat-brains of the people who get their faces tattooed or stick what look like big buttons into their ear lobes in the style of African tribesmen? There's a short, wiry guy who lives near me and whose face is tattooed in the fashion of a Sith character out of Star Wars. Each time I pass him in the street there is part of me that wants to stop and ask him why on earth he had his face tattooed in such a way, but one fears the answer from him might amount to nothing more than: 'Dunno, really'. While I must confess to feeling a little sorry for him, most of my feelings of sorrow are reserved for the two young children he usually has tagging along. What on earth must they be thinking of their father? Assuming that is he is their father.

What is going on in the brains of these people? What is the psychology at work? I believe tattoos and body art to be in part an expression of the highly atomised and individualistic society in which we live. And perhaps an effort on the part of the under-achieving nobodies in life to be someone or to be something, to stand out from the crowd in some way, and to maybe garner some approval from their peers. Only when so many people these days look like freaks their attempts at individualism lose their meaning, hence the ceaseless quest of some to get even more ink injected into their skin or even more parts of their anatomy pierced or disfigured in some kind of way.

For females, tattoos can take on extra meaning because I think some women see the process of getting a tattoo in terms of 'making themselves look sexy'. More sexy to whom, though? Have any of these mostly young women ever asked any number of men in their lives whether they find tattooed women more or less attractive than women without 'decorations'? I suspect not. Tattoos on women are revolting. A true mark of a slut if ever there was one. And I am not talking about the tiny tattoos that a young woman might get for the sake of getting a tattoo, but the bigger ones women have on their arms and legs or back and hips. Clearly, some women's perceptions of what can make them look more attractive to men are fatally flawed, and my advice for any young woman on such matters is to ask men their opinions. Unless, of course, in the case of those women who seek relations, sexual or otherwise, with people of the same sex.

Then there are those people who can't get through a day – or even a couple of hours in some cases – without some kind of chemical fix, that is to say some kind of chemical substance stronger than the caffeine which most of us are content with. You see, in life there are always people who want more, and which in the context of drugs can mean that nicotine leads to alcohol, which leads to cannabis, which leads to prescription drugs, and which can lead to Class A drugs like heroin and cocaine.

It is hard not to feel sympathy for those afflicted by the horrors of substance misuse. But in so doing we must also realize that for the most part substance misuse problems are self-inflicted, in as much as they are most usually problems which people bring on themselves. Lots of people up and down the country live miserable lives and suffer untold misfortune and hardships yet do not turn to chemical substances in order to help them cope, something the apologists for substance misuse sometimes like to phrase in terms of 'a process of self-medication'. These same limp-brained types would also have us believe that young people stick knives in one another because there aren't enough ping-pong tables for them to play on.

Additionally, the uptake in use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs by any particular individual is not something that can necessarily be explained in terms of a mechanism for coping. Drug abuse can sometimes start at a very young age, driven not by things like stress, anxiety, depression or other forms of mental anguish, but because young people are impressionable and see drug-taking as something that is cool, or see drug-taking sub-culture as something that they want to be part of. Only we now know that what might start out as smoking and drinking can quickly turn into cannabis use, a sure-fire gateway if ever there was one to the uptake in use of more serious drugs. That said, I do not believe there is a young person these days who is not aware of the dangers of substance misuse. My nephews came out of school experts on two things: number one, the holocaust of the Jews during the Second World War, and number two, substance misuse. Don't let anyone tell you that the schools are useless at teaching!

The cost to society of degenerates is an expensive one, and not just financial. The slovenly, the weak-willed and the degenerate litter our society like squashed pieces of spat-out chewing gum litter our public spaces. Year-on-year it is the people at the bottom of the social heap who out breed the well adjusted, able and most productive members of our society and who are these days typically too busy working to try and pay off astronomical mortgages than they are to raise children. Contrast this attitude with the feckless and who view having children as something that makes them look clever when they are not, something that makes them look worthwhile when they are not, and something that might bump up their entitlement to welfare benefits depending that is on just how many kids they might have already shelled-out.

Exactly the people we should be encouraging to have children are not having them, while exactly the people we should be discouraging from breeding do so in the manner of the pet hamsters I used to keep as a child. Over time this dynamic has led to a worrying net decline in the racial vigour of the native citizens of this country, which coupled with all of the social ills that now plague our society, not to mention the obesity crisis, has turned us into flabby shadows of our former selves. The British have become a shabby people in a fittingly shabby nation who scurry about their dull and meaninglesss lives in the manner of soulless ants. And unless we can break this deathly spell of liberal democracy that has been cast over our once great nation, Britain has only to look forward to a future where a globalist, capitalist-communist, multicultural, gender fluid hell freezes over like the coming of another ice age.

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Uploaded: 12 March, 2019.