"They are just like us. They play cricket".

It's time that deeply naïve supporters of multiculturalism were blamed for Islamist terror attacks, writes Christopher Goff.

Some of you might have seen a TV documentary a while ago which focused on the very first beginnings of one of the very first waves of mass migration to the UK by non-Europeans. It mostly centred on the Asians who left parts of the Indian subcontinent in the late 1950s and early 1960s to settle in Smethwick, an industrial town to the northwest of Birmingham, and the furore that accompanied their arrival.

Ill feeling towards the migrants began to grow against a background of housing shortages and claims they were undercutting local workers in the jobs market by working for less pay, this at a time long before the introduction of the minimum wage. And in what was on record as being a staunchly Labour constituency, local-man Peter Griffiths won the seat for the Conservatives in the 1964 General Election after managing to successfully articulate the concerns of lots of people in the local community who felt their town was being swamped by immigrants.

But one of the most striking features about this TV documentary was the apparent fervour with which some people – mostly Labour Party types – were willing to not only embrace the notion of mass migration, but to encourage it as well. And in response to the unease felt amongst a great many members of the local community at the flood of immigrants into their area, it was one of these types, during a public meeting, that came out with the fantastically naïve "They are just like us. They play cricket" comment, as if to say local people were worrying about nothing.

Fast-forward more than 50 years and the "They are just like us. They play cricket" comment sounds even more naïve today than it must have done in the 1960s. I am not sure exactly whom it was that made the remark – possibly the Labour Party's Patrick Gordon-Walker, the man who lost his seat to Peter Griffiths – but while this man might well be dead by now, I wager his children, his grandchildren, and very probably his great-grandchildren are all quite possibly living in this multicultural morass that people like him have done such a good job of creating. One wonders if this man's liberal genes got passed on to the future generations of his family. And also, whether this man's future generations share the same positive feelings towards members of immigrant communities as he did, especially in the light of the most recent spate of Islamist-inspired terror attacks in Manchester and London.

It is interesting how each generation throws up its group of individuals keen on the notion of 'universal love', but not so keen on the concept of 'kinship', and who are most usually very determined in their efforts at favouring the welfare of minority ethnics over the welfare of their own kind. To say these types seem more inclined to identify with people whom they share least in common with as opposed to those they share most in common with is a conundrum that your typical liberal might find somewhat awkward to explain, but I will oblige by saying that I think this tendency has a lot to do with feelings of guilt, or what has come to be known these days as 'white guilt'. This is the term now commonly used to describe the guilt felt by some Europeans for the harm caused by the racist treatment of ethnic minorities by other Europeans, both currently and historically, and which often manifests itself as intense feelings of empathy for minority ethnics. Some people also describe white guilt in terms of a psychosocial cost of racism. That your typical supporter of multiculturalism is badly afflicted by this condition hardly needs stating.

The naivety shown by some supporters of multiculturalism seems not to have a limit. Despite a growing awareness amongst more and more people of the incompatibility of Islam with Western values, these same people blindly cling to the belief that Islam is actually something positive, or something which they might describe in terms of 'a force for good'. As if there really is something in the tap water in Britain that might make Muslims in this country behave differently to their brothers in places like Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. Or, as if in Britain we can somehow modify the thinking of Muslims so they can be devout followers of Islam while at the same time also subscribe to important Western values, like freedom of thought, and rights for women and homosexuals. The liberal supporters of multiculturalism really are fools unto themselves, and even the most ardent supporters of multiculturalism cannot have failed to notice the striking similarity between the recent Islamist-inspired terror attacks in Manchester and London to those which have become commonplace in cities like Kabul, Baghdad and Damascus.

Whilst each generation has produced its supporters of multiculturalism, so too have there been people who have warned of the dangers of mass immigration, including Birmingham-born Enoch Powell. Personally, I never knew what to make of him. As Tory Health Minister in the early 1960s, Powell took the decision to employ large numbers of nurses from the Caribbean because it was cheaper to do that than to train new nurses up in the UK – many of these nurses brought with them their husbands to work, for example, as bus or train conductors – yet later in the 1960s he was to court controversy by making what became known as his 'Rivers of Blood' anti-immigration speech in which he alluded to the Roman poet Virgil and his masterpiece the Aeneid, saying: "As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood'".

It would at this point be as insensitive as it would be chilling to speculate just how much blood Islamists need to spill before people begin to talk in terms of a river, and of course it should be made clear that Enoch Powell's point was in any case a rhetorical one, or at least I think so. However, I certainly think it safe to say that Islamists, and by extension all devout believers in Islam, have proven themselves to be not like us, in as much as the values that these people hold are so at odds with our own values and with the way that Europeans live their lives that they can never be like us. And that the liberal supporters of multiculturalism, like those deeply inadequate creatures you might see holding up 'Refugees Welcome' banners outside your local Town Hall, will never be able to grasp this reality will, I think, carry on costing our country dear and will carry on costing the lives of a great many entirely innocent people for many generations to come.

It is about time we started to hold to account the supporters of multiculturalism in the same way that we should already be holding to account Islamists on issues like female genital mutilation, ritual (halal) slaughter, child marriage and underage sex, polygamy, honour-based violence, and rights for women and homosexuals … not to mention the suicide bombings and other terror attacks that the people of this country have had to endure. The supporters of multiculturalism have demonstrated themselves totally incapable of spotting the people who pose a danger to our way of life, and their belief that Muslims living in the UK are somehow different to Muslims living the world over has had a huge cost on the life of our nation.