Right-wing kinship vs. left-wing universal love

That the liberal cannot distinguish enemy from friend makes them a fool unto themselves and a danger to the rest of us, writes Christopher Goff.

Do you remember those scenes shown on TV in 2015 of Syrian migrants being greeted by Germans at Munich's main train station? Well, those scenes weren't unique to Munich. At the height of the migrant crisis in Europe in late summer 2015, hundreds of people were gathering at all the main train stations in Germany in order to welcome arriving migrants. At the time, the German media even went so far as describing these scenes in terms of people welcoming home 'long-lost friends' or 'war heroes'.

The mostly Syrian migrants were arriving on trains from Austria and Hungary, and in Munich well-wishers gave them sweets, pastries, bottles of water, and toys for their children. In Frankfurt, it was reported that Germans formed human chains in order to pass bags of food, clothing and toiletries to migrants, whom they also welcomed with banners and balloons. Elsewhere, there were reports of how a convoy of some 140 vehicles, most of them family cars, had set off to collect migrants in Budapest so that they could more speedily be brought to Germany. While German newspapers were full of pictures of people greeting migrants with hand-made placards declaring 'We love refugees', or similar.

Judging by the response of many of the migrants to these impromptu welcomes, I don't think they could quite believe what they were seeing. Personally, I found one element of these scenes particularly interesting. Now normally, when one thinks of 'refugees' one by default thinks of women and children, so the fact that most of the Syrian migrants were men was particularly striking. And not only that, most of them were of what you would call 'fighting age'. That these men had betrayed their country of birth by fleeing the war between the Syrian Government and Jihadists, or were people who opposed the government of President Bashar al-Assad, I am not sure. But either way, to me they looked like a bunch of cowards.

Perhaps also it was the case that a great many of the Syrian migrants arriving in Germany had never before encountered a bunch of people who were quite so determined to show them some measure of compassion. In their own country, perhaps it was more the case that compassion and benevolence were things that Syrians would typically show to members of their own family, but not to people outside of their family, and especially not to complete strangers.

While watching these scenes on TV I also began to wonder whether it had occurred to any of the Germans who had turned out to welcome the arriving migrants that some of them hadn't actually come to Europe from war-torn Syria at all, but from places like India and Pakistan, and for a better life. It is known that economic migrants from a whole host of countries have been exploiting the migrant crisis in Europe in order to gain illegal entry into the EU, including a group of Cubans which a reporter from one of the TV news channels had managed to find hanging around in the centre of Berlin. The three or four Cubans seemed very pleased with their achievement of getting into Germany. Perhaps even they had had the good fortune of being driven all the way from Budapest to Berlin by a benevolent German who in the time these people were in his or her vehicle hadn't quite realised their true origin. Or maybe they thought Havana was a district of Aleppo.

To understand why it is the case that liberals are so heavily into the business of feeling sorry for people one has to try and understand their worldview. In my case, I have found liberals to be people who quite usually despise the world around them. They see a world governed by the 'laws of the jungle', where the able succeed and the less able don't, and where the strong in one way or another still dominate the weak. That the liberal cannot grasp the reality that after all this time humankind is still quite heavily governed by the laws of Nature makes these people instead think that it is everyone's right to be successful, and everyone's right to be prosperous, and everyone's right to live a happy life. And the failure of the liberal to understand that things like human misery, misfortune and disadvantage are facts of life, or realities of the human condition, means that wherever and whenever they encounter people afflicted by these things they become overwhelmed by emotion and start to feel sorry for them in much the same way that the lower part of my leg might move if someone were to hit my knee with a reflex hammer.

While the liberal likes to show compassion for the whole of mankind, the rest of us are, one could say, more grounded in reality. Life can, of course, present genuine cases of misfortune deserving of one's compassion, and none more so than in the case of that misfortune which can afflict those with whom we share the same blood, meaning our family. Indeed, ours would not be a civilised society if we did not show compassion to those individuals deserving of it, like our family and friends, and people with whom we might identify with or just be very fond of. This more natural state is different to that of the liberal; they feel the need to show compassion to everyone.

There seems to be a guilt mechanism residing in every liberal and which drives their urge. The liberal thinks it an injustice for them to show compassion to some people but not to others, and pity the wretched liberal if he or she were ever to think that they were a source of some kind of injustice or inequality. Indeed, I once knew of someone with exactly this mindset and whose mantra was 'Everyone deserves love'. And in the case of this particular individual this sentiment even extended to those creatures locked up in prison for committing some of the most awful of crimes. Not only that, but I am inclined to think that inside the liberal there even exists the desire to show more compassion to enemies than to friends, and that the liberal can be found in great number in the so-called 'anti-racist' movement supports this view of mine. The liberal finds the act of showing benevolence to people self-gratifying, but if they can show benevolence to people of a different race or a different culture or a different religion to their own, well then that makes their self-gratification all the more satisfying.

But what must liberals now think of their most ambitious project to date, multiculturalism? I hardly need to state the fact that all across Western Europe these days vast amounts of government resources are tied up in trying to tackle the problem of radical Islam, and of course it is now the case that a number of atrocities have been committed by Muslims in European countries, including in Britain and France. That the liberal still seems incapable of being able to recognize his or her enemy for what he is can at times be mind-boggling, for it is the case that liberals routinely cling to the belief that terrorist atrocities aren't actually committed by people who want to destroy Western societies and re-create new ones governed by strict forms of Islamic rule, but by the easily led and the deranged.

In Germany, radical Muslims have been behind a growing number of terrorist attacks. In 2011, Kosovan Arid Uka killed two people in a gun attack on a US Air Force bus at Frankfurt Airport. In 2015, Iraqi Rafik Yousef stabbed a female police officer in a Berlin street. And in 2016, the country has so far seen three serious terrorist incidents: in February, a 15 year-old girl almost killed a police officer in Hanover after stabbing him in the neck; in July, there was the Würzburg train attack in which a Pakistan national, Muhammad Riyad (also known as Riaz Khan Ahmadzai), injured five train passengers in a knife and hatchet attack before being shot dead by German Special Deployment Commandos; and later in the same month there was the most serious Islamist terrorist attack in Germany to date, a suicide bombing in the Bavarian city of Ansbach in which fifteen people were injured, four of them seriously. The Ansbach bombing, in which a wine bar was targeted, was the first ever suicide attack recorded in Germany and was carried out by a Syrian migrant called Mohammad Daleel who before his attack pledged allegiance to the de facto leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Daleel was said to have arrived in Germany in 2014 after travelling from the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The story of Germany's first ever suicide bomber, Mohammad Daleel, is a telling one. Daleel first applied for asylum in Bulgaria, then sometime later in Austria, and then for a third time in Germany. During his asylum hearing in a German Court, Daleel's earlier claims for asylum in both Austria and Bulgaria came to light, so the German authorities took the decision to reject his claim and deport him to the country where he had first claimed asylum, Bulgaria. Upset by the decision of the Court, it was reported at the time that Daleel had twice attempted to commit suicide in what was thought to have been a cynical ploy of his to get the decision to deport him overturned.

After his bomb attack on an Ansbach wine bar, it emerged that a leading figure in the German left-wing party Die Linke, Harald Weinberg, had intervened in Daleel's asylum case in an attempt to get the decision to deport him overturned, at which time it also emerged that Weinberg had intervened in a similar way in the cases of a number of other failed asylum seekers who were also facing deportation. In the aftermath of the Ansbach bombing, it was reported in the 26 July 2016 edition of the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse, that Harald Weinberg was "shocked and saddened" to hear of Daleel's suicide attack, adding "Especially since I am often at the Eugene Weinstube [the wine bar that Daleel attacked] and am familiar with many of the guests there". That Harald Weinberg wasn't at the aforesaid wine bar when the person he had once tried to help avoid being deported blew himself up in what was Germany's first ever suicide bomb attack was a stroke of luck that some might say he did not deserve.

As for the Pakistani national Muhammad Riyad who attacked his victims with a knife and hatchet in the Würzburg train attack, well he was said to have lied to the authorities when he made his claim for asylum on his arrival in Germany in 2015. In an attempt to improve his chances of being granted asylum, Riyad claimed to have been an unaccompanied minor from Afghanistan, when of course he was a grown man from Pakistan. After carrying out his attack people claimed that Riyad looked more like a man in his early thirties than a 16 or 17 year-old 'child', and that it did not occur to the foster family that Riyad had been placed to live with that he was much older than his stated age was perhaps a little surprising. That the police found an Islamic State flag in Riyad's bedroom during a search of his foster parents' home, made after the carrying out of his knife and hatchet attack, must also have come as a surprise to them.

Really, one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. That the liberal seems so incapable of being able to spot his or her enemy even when staring him in the face should concern us all. One would think that the liberal would straight away be able to identify the radical Muslim as his or her enemy given the latter's hatred of Western society and their contempt for important Western values like rights for women and homosexuals. But liberals, blinded as they are by their emotions, seem totally incapable of doing this, and none more so than the gibbering fool that is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and chief cheerleader for multiculturalism.

This has all led me to contemplate the question of exactly what type of person poses the most danger to Western societies. Is it the liberal lacking as he or she does in remotely any instinct for survival, or is it the Islamist suicide bomber? And in answer to this question I am inclined to think that the former is every bit as dangerous as the latter, if not more so. That the liberal cannot distinguish enemy from friend makes them a fool unto themselves and a danger to the rest of us.

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Uploaded: 26 October, 2016.