Wild Boar welcomes contributions of original and previously unpublished written material.

We are interested in publishing well-informed commentaries on news stories, discussions about religion or political theory, analyses of historical events, book and film reviews, and lots of other stuff besides.

Wild Boar does not make any type of payment in respect of that material which it either receives or chooses to publish.

Wild Boar operates a policy whereby all contributors retain the copyright of submitted material.

The Editor reserves the right not to publish any item of material submitted for possible inclusion in Wild Boar. While we are at all times extremely grateful for all the material that people are kind enough to send to us, please do not be offended if we choose not to publish your work.

The Editor reserves the right to amend in any way any item of material submitted for possible inclusion in Wild Boar. Prior approval of any changes will always be sought before actual publication.

Always keep copies of work submitted to Wild Boar because we do not routinely return material.

Contributors who have material published in Wild Boar are at a later date entitled to contact the Editor and have their work removed from the publication for whatever reason. While any such requests will be treated as a matter of priority, please understand that no guarantee as to the timescale in which these requests will be actioned can be given.

Wild Boar is able to handle most types of word processing file format in common usage. To submit material, just send us an email with the file containing your work attached. You can find our email address on the 'Contact' page.

If you would like your published article to include any links, be sure to insert these into your original document. If you are using MS Word, simply highlight the relevant text and then select 'Hyperlink' from the 'Insert' menu.